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Wellness Coaching is about creating a sustainable, nourishing lifestyle and taking the reigns of your health.  In coaching sessions with me, we work together on finding a better balance in all areas of health, both on and off the plate.  


One and done:  Individual consult sessions are one hour in length.  We discuss your highest priorities in regards to your health and wellness goals and you take what we discuss and run with it on your own. This is perfect for those who prefer to work alone or just need a refresh.   ($85)

Personal Coaching Program3  or 6 month biweekly:  (6 or 12) – 45 min sessions.  

This program is about helping you reach your optimal whole-being health in a way that makes you feel invigorated and empowered not restricted and overwhelmed.  We work with your strengths to create a wellness plan that allows you to take the reigns of your own health after discussing YOUR personal health and lifestyle goals. This is a holistic dive into taking care of yourself in a supreme way, and eating, moving and thinking in a way that creates an atmosphere for your body to thrive with the support and accountability to get you there.  This program includes session notes and email support between sessions, plus customized resources which may include: recipes, self-care practices, meditations, movement resources, and more.  

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