Rest and Digest

Rest and Digest

Rest and Digest

Our gut is connected to every cell and system in our body. It plays a role in our hormones, immune system, neurology, detoxification, cardiovascular system and so much more. Improving our digestion and gut health is not just about bloating and constipation. Digestive imbalance could present as acne, hormonal mood swings, brain fog or it could be more of a depressive or anxious state. Improving your digestion and gut health begins the root cause process, looking at your body as a whole and working from the inside out.

You may not know where to start with healing your digestion and gut health because the internet is packed with information but lacks the accountability and coaching that’s needed to guide and support you. Maybe you are tired and really don’t want another thing on your to-do list, or you have made all the food changes and are still sitting idle wondering where to go next.  

If resting your way to better digestion sounds like a dream come true, the Rest and Digest program is for you!  

While food is important, we are going beyond food in this group to really explore how we can bring more ease into healing our guts and improving our digestive processes.  Can’t we all use a little more ease?   

In rest and digest, we will meet weekly for 4 weeks to cover the topics of the week: what is involved in healing digestion, how resting in the Parasympathetic Nervous System is related and what simple things we can do daily to improve our digestion and gut health beyond just what to eat for optimal health.  Digestion is so much more than food so simply addressing food is not enough. In this program, we will be addressing that which is left out of most digestive programs. Coupling my training in digestion and GI wellness with my Western and Eastern training in relaxation techniques, body balancing, reflexology, acupressure, and meditation, we get to experience and enjoy a comprehensive digestion program centered around rest.

What to expect:

Expect to feel nurtured.  Expect to feel rested. Expect to feel supported.  Expect to learn NEW ways to improve your health. Expect to experience change in your digestion: less discomfort, more energy and vibrancy. Expect to feel more in tune with your body. Expect to feel better.


  • 4 modules packed with information and resources on the topics of the week and ways to implement immediately.
  • 4 -30 min zoom coaching calls weekly on Tuesday evenings for a restful check-in to help you discover how you can easily implement what you are learning and work through your barriers.
  • Recorded videos of self-care practices to enhance digestion that you can do any time in your own home. 
  • Optional: Private group for further support and live Q and A.

Investment in your health: $97

To encourage more interaction and one-on-one guidance, there is limited space.

Email me at if you are interested in joining us!  I am also happy to answer any questions you have.


First module released: March 18th

30 minute Live calls: March 23rd, March 30th, April 6th, April 13th @ 7:00 pm

We are stepping into spring well-rested and digested. See you in the group!