Sugar Reset 2021

Sugar Reset 2021

Sugar Reset 2021

It’s not what we do one day or one week of the year, it is our daily habits that build our foundation.  I look at this challenge as a week of supportive and intentional eating. I don’t think you have to be strict with this to benefit.  You can choose to use this as a break from sugar, to simply notice your sugar intake, or to focus on cooking more nutrient-rich meals with less processed sugar and fewer processed foods. The choice of intention is yours. While removing sugar gives you more energy, reduces cravings, and has lots of other benefits, it doesn’t work for everyone to do it in this “all or nothing” way.  In this case, the focus could be on learning how to better support our bodies by adding more nutrtient-rich foods into the daily rotation so that when we do eat sugar, it doesn’t derail our health.

This program was originally written for those who want to reset their sugar, but I intend for this to work for anyone who is looking to support their bodies this winter.  This reset is not about “good” vs “bad” foods,  rather it is a simple and fun way to help bring awareness to how food works in our own unique bodies.  I will offer information about sugar’s effects on our bodies, as well as tips on improving digestion and supporting our daily detoxification processes. 

You can’t fail at this. Each meal offers a new opportunity to succeed, and we celebrate all the small wins!

The logistics:

  • This is an all virtual program. The challenge itself is 7 days. If you choose to reduce your sugar intake you can begin to do it slowly leading up to the reset week.  During the reset we try our best to eliminate (or significantly reduce) sugar for 7 days, or aim for whatever challenge you have set for yourselves.
  • Fun recipes, a sugar information guide, and sample meal plans are provided. I encourage you to join the private Facebook group to follow along with the other resetters and get all the support and answers you need to be successful. 
  • Studies show that those who report their progress to a group are more likely to acheive their goals. It also makes it a whole lot more fun when we do this together and your fellow participants offer great ideas and inspiration as well. 
  • The dates: We Start our 1-week reset on January 25th.  Materials will be released on January 18th, so you have a week to read over them before we begin and I will answer any preparation questions in the Facebook group.  I do recommend meal prep for this week if at all possible. 
  • The entire program is on-line so you can join us from anywhere. You will recieve your materials by email from  and you will be invited to join the Facebook group.
  • Payment: I accept Paypal and Venmo. The cost is just $25 for the program. You will recieve a confirmation of purchase within 24-48 hours of purchase.  I MUST HAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL to deliver your materials so please include that with your payment or email me separately:

Looking forward to spending this time with you!

– Lisa