Introduction to Elixirs

Introduction to Elixirs

Introduction to Elixirs

I start my morning with a warm and healing elixir, often I end my day with one as well.  There is something so nurturing about tuning into myself and curling up with a warm mug of healing.  It feels almost indulgent to take this time for myself but it helps me feel centered and energized to take on the day.  I have found that the days that I spend even just a minute nurturing myself – I am a more productive and patient mama, wife and entrepreneur.   I also think it adds to the elixir benefits to have more of a slow living, self-loving mindset while drinking it. So I revamped my mundane morning “routine” into a carefully curated morning “ritual” which starts earlier than before so I am not rushed.  Within that time, I select ingredients that suit my mood, current status of health and energy level and take time to mix and blend up a delicious drink. While sipping I engage in a few other self-care rituals that help me set my day on a positive note. If you have a few minutes, you can create your own ritual.  Light some sage or palo santo, do some inspiring reading, grab a journal and maybe some crystals, and set some intentions for how you want your day to look, be and feel while you sip and savor your own healing creation.

Now, the key to a tasty and satisfying elixir is to mix protein, fat, superfoods and adaptogens to support your unique body needs.  There are so many options for making the perfect elixir to help you feel your best. Feeling tired? Add something energizing. Feeling hormonal? Add something balancing.  With adding the fat and protein, it is truly a meal all on its own and will sustain you for quite some time, but you may still choose to have a healthful breakfast along side of it.

You can use the recipes below as guides, but don’t get caught up with what you don’t have.  It took time to stock my kitchen with options. If you don’t have an ingredient, leave it out or swap for a replacement.  The alchemy of mixing and matching to discover which consistency and flavors you really enjoy while making a body and mind supporting drink is absolutely delightful.  Remember it is about your goal. What do you want out of this elixir?

In the elixirs below, I have a few of my staple ingredients.  

Collagen is a wonderful source of protein as well as great for hair, skin and nails.  It is incredible for the gut. You may know it as the most healing part of bone broth but can be found in a tasteless powder form to easily add to any concoction.  I really like Great Lakes Collagen because it is from grass fed cows. If you are vegan, Vital Proteins makes a great marine collagen.

Chaga mushroom is the king of mushrooms with its high content of antioxidants. It is also a powerful immune-modulator, meaning that if your immune system is under or over-active the chaga mushroom helps bring it into balance.  Now that is smart food.

Maca powder is wonderful for stamina and has been found to help balance hormones. Many people find it energizing.

Cacao is rich in magnesium, which helps relax smooth muscles as well as the many benefits of chocolate in its rawest form.   Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar and coconut butter is a satisfying and wonderfully delicious fat.

Note: This elixir can be a bit stimulating so is best in the morning.  

Choco Immunity Elixir

1 tsp raw Cacao powder

1 tsp. Maca powder

1 tsp. Chaga raw mushroom powder

1 TBSP Collagen Hydrolysate

1 TBSP Coconut butter

¼ tsp. Vanilla powder or pure vanilla extract

A few dashes cinnamon

1 ½ cups of hot water

Optional: For a touch of sweetness add a bit of raw honey

Add all ingredients to a ventilated blender and blend until frothy.  

Alternatively, use a whisk to mix ingredients until completely blended.  

Serve and enjoy!

Now that we started our day with an elixir, lets talk about unwinding with one.  The recipe below is the “Everybody Needs to Calm Down!” Elixir. I wish I had this recipe on that night before my wedding!  This elixir can be very useful leading up to the big day, as well. I suggest making a huge batch for the family before you discuss budget, location, guest list or anything that may be controversial (which, when it comes to weddings, is just about everything!).  

In reality, we could all use this once in a while in our over scheduled lives as a way to unwind from it all.  Reishi is the powerhouse adaptogen in this drink. It has been found to help modulate the immune system and lower cortisol levels leading to less stress and better sleep.  A hint of lavender makes its debut as the relaxing herb we all know it to be. If you don’t care for lavender or choose to leave it out – this drink can still be relaxing on its own or with a bit of added holy basil.  

“Everybody Needs to Calm Down” Elixir

Time: 5 minutes

Serves: 1


1 cup filtered water

½ cup-1 cup almond or coconut milk

1 tsp. Reishi mushroom powder

½ tsp. vanilla bean powder (or vanilla extract)

¼ tsp. cinnamon powder

1TBSP dried lavender flowers  (culinary grade)

Optional: 1 TBSP Tocos.  (Rice Bran Solubles) Tocos are a bio-available source of Vitamin E and wonderful for skin making this a relaxing beauty elixir.  It also makes this drink delightfully creamy and frothy.

Optional: 1 TBSP Collagen Hydrolysate.  Collagen has been found to have an effect on hair, skin, and nails with continuous use so this is another beauty addition.  

Add one cup of water and the dried lavender flowers to a small saucepan and bring to a soft simmer over low-medium heat.  Simmer for about 5 minutes. Saving the water, strain the lavender flowers with a fine mesh sieve and add the lavender water back into the saucepan. You may have to remove any leftover lavender buds from the pan before adding in the water.  Add your almond milk and heat on low until warm. Remove from heat. Add the milk/lavender water with all the other ingredients to a ventilated blender and blend for about 30 seconds, until frothy and thoroughly blended. Pour into mug, garnish with a dash of cinnamon, and enjoy!